July 17, 2011


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One of the most iconic sitcoms of the ’90s, and no great surprise to find a Vassar reference here since Lisa Kudrow ’85 had a starring role. Our scene doesn’t feature her, though. It’s a bit of a strained joke about Vassar and football.

We’ve seen little digs at Vassar being a hotbed of sexual activity, but here that idea is writ large. Woody Harrelson has a rubber prosthetic hand and is known on the competitive bowling circuit as “Rubberman”; this fact has attracted a new sponsor.

Thanks to Soyon Im ’91 for the tip.

Saturday Night Live (2 episodes in 1997-98 season; 1 in the 2008-2009 season)
Perhaps someone on the writing staff was a graduate, since Vassar showed up twice in this season. The three complete sketches are here (one and two are together on the first video), though unless you’re a fan you might want to skip past the first one (the line is a throwaway in the first minute.  Steve Buscemi’s “Judge Judy” sketch and the Aladdin parody are funnier.

Thanks to Erica Slutsky ’05 and Christian Bagin ’91 for the tips.

Dharma & Greg (4 episodes)
A character point for the wealthy, stuffy mother of Greg, a modern-day Mrs. Howell. What’s fun here, though, is that one of the episodes mentions one of Vassar’s oldest traditions—either we had a graduate on the writing staff or they really did some research for the character!

Thanks to Liz Gates ’97, Prof. Denise Walen, Jim German, and Randy Nathan ’79 for the tip.

The Nanny
Another prominent ’90s sitcom, about a wealthy, highbrow family and their lowbrow, Queens-born nanny. Nothing too special, just Vassar as a character point for a place for elite girls.

Thanks to M. Davis for the tip.

Babylon 5
One of two scenes in the collection set far in the future. Good to know Vassar’s still around in the 23rd century! (And the 31st; see Futurama)

Thanks to Miriam Vega and Jon Cruz ‘05 for the tip.

An obscure attempt to copy Pulp Fiction but without being nearly as intelligent or funny. Our scene, though, offers a somewhat unusual take on a Vassar girl. Vassar as character point for a hard-partying grifter.

Jane Austen’s Mafia!
This is a broad Godfather parody from the folks who made Airplane! and The Naked Gun. It may not be entirely clear in the clip but the film is set, as was The Godfather, in the late ’50s/early ’60s, and so there were no men at Vassar.

Spin City
The show is about the mayoral staff in New York’s City Hall. There’s not too much to say here; it’s just a character point for a smart, ambitious career woman.

Thanks to Jason Evans’94 for the tip.

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