July 17, 2011


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All My Children
Vassar’s probably shown up on the soaps more often than I’ve been able to identify. (See also General Hospital.) I find this scene exceptionally odd, having no context at all for the plotline.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
A popular kids’ show set in the future, here the principal of the school (a regular character) is directing Macbeth in Space. Similarly to Spongebob Squarepants, there is a flamboyance and mannerisms to this character that read extremely gay, in an over-the-top way. The principal’s flamboyance has been well established before this point in the series; making him a Vassar student is all the more curious. Vassar as character point for…let’s say “theatrical.”

Real Time with Bill Maher
In this very first episode of the HBO political talk show, comedian Chris Rock schools conservative attack poodle Ann Coulter about George W. Bush’s SAT scores. I don’t include much non-fiction but this is pretty funny.

Lost (extra)
Well, not exactly Lost, but an extra from a set of audition tapes. Here, Jorge Garcia is reading for Sawyer (can you even imagine the show that way?). An odd treat for Losties...with an even odder treat for Vassar Losties right at the end. The scene seems to involve Sawyer struggling with someone over a sweatshirt—which apparently is a Vassar sweatshirt.  Was one of the characters originally conceived as a Vassar graduate? One more Lost mystery to unravel.

Thanks to Whitney Freemesser ’95 for this awesome catch.

American Dreams
This family dramedy set in the 1960s, right at the end of its run had a character departing for Vassar. A character point of no great import.

Thanks to Ilena Robbins ‘09 for this catch.

Here’s yet another criminal procedural show (see other police procedurals) with yet another Vassar victim. Here the investigative team has been quarantined after opening a letter containing weaponized plague. Trying to find who would have a grudge against the unit, they look at old case files and find a Vassar student whose death may reveal something.

Man of the House
This slight comedy puts tough-guy lawman Tommy Lee Jones in a house to protect a bunch of cheerleaders, the only witnesses to a crime. One is his estranged daughter. This scene falls at the end, after the big shootout with the bad guy, and his daughter begins to grow closer to him.

Without a Trace
Yet another police procedural (see other police procedurals). The investigators are checking a suspect’s background, whose Vassar alumnus status is seen as enviable. Interesting in that it’s thought of here as an elite institution without reference to gender, equivalent to any other co-ed school.

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